Height: 6’4”

Weight: 298 lbs

Inferno is the only known resident of the Nag’Osh Volcano. He was uncovered approximately thirty-four years ago by a cursory expedition to an unexplored corner of the Salt Flats.

Inferno is incredibly shy and actively avoids any and all human contact. His antisocial behavior stems from his overuse in the Japan Conflict, mainly being known as the perpetrator of the Kyoto Massacre where 70,000 people were killed by the ensuing blaze. Around his fellow Indra he is brash and loud and regarded as a bit of an asshole, though it’s pretty clear that it’s all an act.

He is around six feet four inches and stocky in build he is a deep burgundy in coloration with glowing red ‘veins’ covering his body giving him the appearance of a walking lava flow.

Inferno uses a flame thrower type weapon to burn his enemies from afar and a thin curved sword around three feet in length for close quarters.

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