Height: 5’5”

Weight: 235 lbs

Pestilence, along with her siblings: Death, War, and Famine were discovered 35 years ago by an expedition from the Alcadon Department of Engineering and Archeology.

Without a doubt Pestilence is the mouth of the Four Horsemen, her loose and carefree attitude are a breath of fresh air when compared to her siblings. Despite her nonchalant view on most things she is a sight to behold in combat, her speed and agility help to offset the strength difference between her and the other Indra.

Pestilence, when utilized alone was mainly used for assassination missions, while not particularly stealthy she is too fast to allow herself to be hit by bullets.

Pestilence is a sickly green in color, with highlights of red across her body. Her skin also has an odd luminescence which gives her a bright sheen in the right light; it also makes her look as if she’s perpetually melting.

She favors a launcher type weapon that launches globules of highly acidic liquids that explode on contact with solid surfaces; the fumes of said poison are highly toxic. Her close combat weapon is a two foot serrated blade coated in a poisonous material, there is no hilt and she simply holds onto the blade when in combat.

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