Height: 7’2”

Weight: 205 lbs

Pixia was uncovered 65 years ago by a team of senior researchers; the location was extrapolated from information taken from Anon’s cryopod computer systems. Pixia currently resides in the vast Jungle of Khmret, there has been no human contact with her since her discovery.

Pixia, much like Pestilence, was used mainly for assassination missions, her speed and flexibility, with the added bonus of her being able to fly were invaluable. She is, as would be expected, very hyperactive and overtly chatty. She is still very kind in spite of what she’s been forced to do, and has retained a good sense of humor.

 Pixia is incredibly petite in build. Her coloration is a deep forest green with highlights of purple, pink, and yellow. She has probably the most unique physical feature of any Indra; she has a large set of wings. The wings are styled like those of a dragonfly and are indeed capable of taking flight.

Pixia’s armament consists of a long thin straight edged sword around three feet in length, it is covered in a strange green substance. Her long range weapon is a small compound bow which differs from Scorn and Wulf’s recurve bows.

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