Project Ariadne

Project Ariadne was a scheme cooked up by the higher-ups of the United States government to bolster morale during the seemingly endless Japan Conflict which stretched from 4557-4598. Falling back on the cliché ‘supersoldier’ the US government, using a recently discovered material dubbed Biomass, created the Indra. The outcome was not as the government had hoped as constructing even a single Indra used up vast resources, and construction was halted in 4580 after only a year of production. The created Indra were used frequently in combat and after several damning incidents they were cryogenically frozen for possible use at a later date.
Countless millennia later the Indra have been rediscovered in the vast Mhoroyshi Salt Flats. Fifteen have been found with one other being rumored though there is no evidence supporting their existence.
The Indra are sentient computer brains housed inside an organic body constructed out of Biomass. Using organic fiber optic cabling that acts as the musculoskeletal and nervous system, the Indra are able to expertly move and maneuver their bodies.
The brain of the Indra is called the LX chip, which is a stripped back version of the LE chip which was used in initial testing. The LE chip was scrapped due to complications with overheating. The LX chip is, for all intents and purposes, a sentient computer crammed into a chip the size of a postage stamp. Unfortunately the manufacturing process left defects in all known chips which, as a side effect, has given each Indra a unique personality and appearance.
The physical appearance of the Indra varies wildly, though they all have a humanoid form, they all look wildly different with one similarity, they all lack facial features of any kind, simply a blank place where a face would normally be. Many outlandish, and at times, flamboyant designs have been observed including horns and wings. Their highly muscled bodies are covered in a chitinous material that acts as either skin or an armored exoskeleton. Height is varied with the shortest on record being a mere 4’ 1” with the tallest being 8’ 2”. ‘Skin’ color does not conform to human standards, Indra have been observed in a multitude of colors spanning the visible spectrum though most seem to favor grays and blues.
Indra are famed for their physical strength, combat prowess, and incredible acrobatic skills. Most modern weapons are unable to even pierce their chitinous hides; the only effective weapons against them are blunt force weapons or the weapons of other Indra, which are uncommon at the best of times. This seeming invincibility has made them highly sought after as bodyguards and as mercenaries, but those seeking them out oftentimes have a difficult time acquiring their services. Most Indra cannot be bought, they do not care about material goods, they have no use for them, the only known way one can persuade an Indra to follow them is to prove your superiority in battle, you must be worthy of their services. Many have tried and failed to gain an Indra as their follower, many times leading to the death of the seeker as Indra are without mercy in such situations. The only Indra currently in service are the Four Horsemen to Mr. Laverne T. Schultz, it is unknown how he gained their services. The only Indra who performs services for monetary rewards is Kid, though she has her reasons.
Every Indra was been cryogenically frozen with a long range weapon: firearms, launchers, and bows have been seen or with a close combat weapon of some sort: hammers, swords, daggers, and even knuckle dusters have been observed, though usually they have both. The weapons were designed specifically for that particular Indra as a reflection of personality and to bolster their offensive function.
Most Indra wander around the countryside acting as vigilantes these Indra are referred to as ‘Rogue Indra’. Many grain transports have been saved from bandits by a wandering Indra who intervenes on behalf of those being attacked. Some Indra give money or food to those in need though these behaviors are not shared by all Indra. It is known that Indra are fiercely protective of children and have on many occasions rescued them from perilous situations.
As a result of the simplification from the LE chip the voice centers of the chip were removed, making the Indra mute. In a slight stroke of genius the designers of the LX controller board implemented an ancient form of wireless communication known as Bluetooth which the Indra use to communicate with each other. Due to how obsolete the technology was it was unlikely that the enemy could monitor or hijack it. The people of Alcadon are unaware of even the existence of Bluetooth and are for the most part unaware of the Indra’s ability to communicate with each other. To get around the communication barrier several Indra have developed a rudimentary sign language. Six of the fifteen are capable of sign language; coincidentally they are the six who are in the most contact with humans.

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