Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 205 lbs

Scorn has been walking the land of Alcadon longer than any other Indra, with accounts of his existence dating back over four hundred years to the time of Knossos. He roams to the north around the Alcadon Volcano and foothills, though he does wander as far south as the Knoss Wetlands. 

Scorn was among the first Indra produced. Though originally intended for use in stealth missions Scorn quickly found himself emerging as a fantastic engineer. His analytical mind and no nonsense attitude made for a fantastic addition to the United States Military’s Engineering Corps.

 Scorn is incredibly thin, verging on skeletal, and is a glowing white, so much so that he emanates a sickly pale aura, hence the change in careers. His appearance has no impact on his acrobatic and combat abilities.

For reasons known only to himself, Scorn has taken a fascination with the destruction of a race of primitives who also wander the Alcadon Foothills, the Tcha’Gough. Among the Tcha’Gough Scorn is also called the Pale Death as he has exterminated many tribes down to the children, and when coupled with his appearance it is a fitting moniker.

His preferred weapons are a simple unadorned bow that gleams with the same white aura that he does and a short white dagger that he is dangerously proficient with.

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