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What the heck is this?

For the longest time I’ve dreamed about writing. After reading a good book my mind was always filled with thoughts for plots and new characters set in that world. Finally I sat my lazy self down and wrote my own story set in my own -hopefully not copyright infringing- world, just so I could funnel that creativity into something more than daydreams.

There are going to be many elements to this world and this story that seem familiar, and chances are I was aware of that when I wrote it. There will also be many, many clichés, but hopefully I have used them in a unique enough way that they don’t hamper the story.

I’m still very much a novice writer and am hoping that this will kick-start either a career or at the very least a fun hobby.

The World

A long time ago, in the future, the world came to a sudden and surprising end.

The great world powers had become tired of ceaseless war ravaging the world they called home. The planet was past its breaking point and if humanity did not turn for the better they would all be wiped from existence by Mother Earth herself. Humanity had to overcome years of war, prejudice, and hatred to establish a benevolent world government, and they did. Against all odds, humanity crushed its basest natures and turned for the better. It took many years but eventually poverty and starvation were a distant memory, and technology had progressed beyond what was ever thought possible. Vast metropolises populated by tens of millions punctuated the clean, pristine, landscapes. The air was clean, the oceans were freed from their trappings of pollution, and the world had been liberated from its seemingly guaranteed future of total annihilation. Time passed, people turned their heads from their homes on Earth to the stars above. Things were looking up, things were downright utopian, but of course, as with every utopia, not everyone was satisfied.

There were those who felt that this new age of peace was detrimental to humanity that the overarching control implemented by the government had stunted its growth. These people though that humankind needed war, and hatred, and death, to thrive, despite stark appearances to the contrary. Across the globe acts of terror were carried out in the name of a new world, in the name of progress. Brutal murders were carried out seemingly at random; the cold daggers of fear and paranoia were thrust into the minds of the people, nobody was safe. These criminals were arrested and imprisoned of course, but like with any radical belief it spread, to the gullible, to the stupid, and most dangerously, to the powerful.

To spur the already frightened people over the edge these terrorists decided to execute one final act, greater than any that had preceded it. Unfortunately for them all of history’s greatest war machines had been dismantled and destroyed, the blueprints destroyed or lost, the very existence of these cataclysmic weapons of mass destruction had been wiped from the face of the earth. But luckily for them humanity hadn’t managed to destroy all of its weapons. Deep beneath the earth, buried by some long forgotten war from millennia long past they waited. Ancient, nuclear bombs, powerful enough to level an entire city and hundreds of miles of the surrounding countryside, the problem was finding these earthshakers. Records spoke of an ancient lost armory but not its exact location, but it was enough. After years of digging they found the armory and they found the bombs, as pristine as the day they were manufactured.  Each only the size of a man’s fist, they were smuggled into the largest cities and were set to detonate all at the same time.

In an instant three quarters of the human population evaporated, blasted back into atoms, where towering cities once stood only craters of glass remained. The terrorists had won, that much was certain, but they wound up destroying themselves with the rest of humanity. In mere moments humankind was blasted back into the Stone Age, all of its knowledge buried beneath the dust of time.

For millennia they survived in darkness, primitive roots bursting to the surface. In parts of the world people regressed, they became the image of their ancient forefathers and lived as such, some regressed even further. In some places the vast quantities of radiation had mutated the mind and body and those affected became like their oldest ancestors, vicious and animalistic. The metropolises were abandoned as they crumbled to dust, humanity set out to start anew. Agrarian communities began to form and man began tilling the earth as his forefathers had done countless generations before.

The old way, the old knowledge was preserved. In the deepest corners of the earth, handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, to be kept in the shadows until the time was right, the knowledge that once let humanity conquer the earth was sequestered. Some of those who possessed the old knowledge would venture out into the world to try and better humanity, but more often than not they found themselves with a rope around their neck hanging from a tree. It went on like this for many years, millennia even, failure after failure, until one man set humanity back on track. He set off not with the benevolent intentions of his predecessors, no, he set out for conquest. This man used his knowledge and charisma to build an army of mercenaries, who had no qualms about using his technology, and conquered the largest of humankind’s cities.

The city of Knossos was unprepared. In less than four hours the entire population was rounded up and presented to this technological warlord, they were to build him a new city to the south, a gleaming metropolis like those humanity had inhabited in an age long past. Forty thousand people were marched many miles south to the shores of Lake Halgue, and they built.  These people who were little more than farmers were thrust into a new technological age whether they liked it or not. A glimmering metropolis grew from what was once a smoking hole in the ground, government, infrastructure, education, all followed. Humanity had been modernized once again.

“At least… That’s what they say.”

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