Height: 6’7”

Weight: 346 lbs

 Anon was excavated 75 years ago by a team of junior archaeologists. Anon currently resides on a small island in the center of the Acid Sea though he was known to wander around the land for many years before settling down.

Anon is a dark somber grey, six foot seven inches and wiry in build. Vein-like ridges spread out from his chest and cover his whole body; the top of his head is fairly flat with ridges raising around the edges much like a crown.

Anon is very friendly towards humans oftentimes preparing meals from ingredients he forages from the island, he is regarded as a remarkable chef. His rudimentary sign language is also of assistance to researchers. He is quoted as having “A dark sense of humor”, often pantomiming laughing along with the researchers, even if the jokes aren’t remotely funny.”

He was initially slated to be a combat medic but due to his size he wound up being more of a target. Attempts at reviving his medical passions in recent years have been mixed as the communication barrier has prevented him from explaining exactly what he’s doing.

Anon wields a six foot trident and carries a small pistol as his sidearm, he has never been observed in combat.

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