Height: 5’1”

Weight: 289 lbs

All contact with Bolt ended when she entered the Olosos Crater Inhospitable Zone 13 years ago. Bolt was discovered in the center of the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats. She has been observed to be aggressive towards humans, holding her discoverers hostage until she entered the Olosos Inhospitable Zone and vanished.

Bolt has always had a mild dislike for humans, usually preferring the company of her fellow Indra, she grew very attached to Valkyrie. She is fairly antisocial being rather rigid and formal around new people but very open and animated around those she knows and trusts, though she prefers solitude.

She carries what for lack of a better term is called an Arc Gun; it shoots arcs of electricity that are very effective against living tissue and electronics. Because of her innate ability to destroy electronics she was utilized mainly for sabotage.

Bolt is deep blue in coloration with white accents and striping along her arms and legs, her head is punctuated with a large jagged horn that wraps almost all the way over the top of her head and splits into three prongs. Her knees and elbows have similar horns but they are much shorter. She is incredibly muscular for her size putting her in the same weight class as those over a foot taller than her.

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