Height: 7’4”

Weight:325 lbs

Death, along with his siblings: War, Pestilence, and Famine were discovered 35 years ago by an expedition from the Alcadon Department of Engineering and Archeology.

Death is regarded as the leader of the Four Horsemen who were used in multiple skirmishes by the US Military during the Japan Conflict. Death is a cool, calm, level headed commander with an excellent mind for strategy. He is also a notorious fan of Happy Days, and is regarded as having a good sense of humor.

Death is tall and thin and is for the most part unadorned with decoration, with the exception of several short tapered spikes along the top of his head. Death also gives of a shadowy black aura that serves to hide him from view, making him invaluable in stealth missions.

Death carries a rapidly firing rifle capable of piercing even the thickest of armors; his close combat weapon is a very thin whip that he also uses as a garrote.

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