Expanded Scene 4

Socially Awkward

Pestilence meandered around the apartment taking in the new sensations of having a human body. She was amazed at how smooth her skin was, and not all lumpy like it was outside. Feeling the top of her head she felt hair for the first time, she twiddled it and pulled at it. She felt a small pain from where she pulled her hair, sharply pulling her hand away she saw a few strands of blonde pair wrapped tightly around her pointer finger.

“So it does come out…” she looked at the hair in wonderment.

Pixia rose up behind her and began petting Pestilence’ hair.

Pestilence slapped away Pixia’s hand. “Oi, get your own hair, this is mine.”

“But it’s so soft.” Pixia’s hair was wiry and thick, it stuck out at odd angles. She kept patting Pestilence head.

Pestilence deftly guided Pixia’s hand away from her head once more. “If you’re gonna pester anyone go pester Ghost, she looks a bit lonely.” She leaned in close, or as close as she could, Pixia was easily over seven feet. “She has nice hair.”

Pestilence could see Pixia blush slightly. “Nah, I don’t wanna bother her, and besides what would we talk about?”

“I’m stuck with captain stoic, commander stoic, and Famine all day, I have no idea. Ask her what she’s been up to.” She gave Pixia a slight nudge.

Pestilence underestimated the force of her slight nudge as Pixia virtually flopped over in front of Ghost, cutting perfectly between Wall and Wulf having a conversation about arm wrestling. Wall made to catch Pixia but he chose the wrong arm and she fell unhindered into the soft carpet. Several heads turned to see Pixia lying on the floor, there were a few good natured chuckles as the conversations resumed.

Pixia looked up at Ghost, she was sporting a red jacket and a pair of lime green exercise shorts. Pixia’s tongue seemed to swell up in her mouth. “Good morning,” was all she could stutter out.

Ghost looked down face twisted in confusion. “Um… are you alright?” A few strands of her platinum blonde hair drifted down in front of her eyes, she expertly blew them away.

Pixia nearly leapt to her feet. “Yep, just not used to… this.” She gestured to her body.

“Yeah, it is a bit strange.” Ghost went back to looking out the window.

Pixia tried to stammer something out, but nothing came to her. She could see Ghost side-eyeing her, Pixia clammed up even more and quickly walked away.

Pestilence snuck up beside her. “Good morning? Was that the best you could come up with?” she whispered incredulously.

“Well, I didn’t have very much time to think of something clever now did I?” Pixia bit back, a bit harshly.

Pestilence gave her a good natured clap on the lower back. “You’ll figure it out one day.”

Pixia wandered back over to the kitchen table and crunched down into one of the tiny chairs. She rested her head in her arms and considered all of the things she should have said. The chair next to hers scraped and she could hear somebody sit down next to her. Pixia looked up hopefully but it was only inferno, she glanced over to where Ghost was and saw her quickly look away.

Inferno began whispering, “Smooth moves, and don’t think we don’t all know.”

Pixia groaned.

“I had my money on Pestilence, but now… well…” He chuckled. “Good luck sweetheart.” He stood up and walked over to the front door where he began loitering.

Pixia called over her shoulder. “I think you should wear women’s clothing more, it brings that whole ‘brooding’ look together quite nicely.”

 Inferno responded good naturedly. “I know, my pecs look fabulous.” He began flexing his pecs. There was a slight groan from those closest to him and the berth around him widened.

Pixia felt a gentle pat on her shoulder, she looked up and it was the girl Katrine. She leaned down and whispered in Pixia’s ear. “Give it time.” More pats and Katrine disappeared into the small crowd of Indra.

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