Expanded Scene 3


Medusa could feel the flesh of its baby sister shift and split as they dug their claws deeper into it, Medusa’s joy grew. Their hackles rose, it vaulted from their sister’s crumbled body, flying over Wall and Wulf as they tried, again, to pin it down. Medusa landed a short distance from the main group; they all whirled to face it. It could feel their gazes piercing their very being, it filled them with such warmth to feel their hatred, if Medusa had a mouth it would no doubt be twisted into a wicked smile.

It could feel their scheming, their planning on how to take it down. Medusa wasn’t going to give them time to ponder, now was time to act. Medusa rushed them, its sharp spikes shredding the foam mats on the floor. The Indra scattered, of course they scattered, they were afraid. Medusa suddenly felt its insides twist, a blossom of pain spread through its body. As it left the ground Medusa twisted its body, it could see Ghost still following through on her punch. Medusa felt something dislodge deep in their core, a new pain began to spread, an icy cold pain contrasted with the fiery heat of the punch.

Medusa yowled with rage and sped toward Ghost who backed up to the main group. The Indra spread out around Medusa and leapt upon it in a massive tangle of limbs. Medusa flailed wildly, it could feel its spikes pass through and puncture the flesh of the others. Poising it’s weight Medusa leapt from the scrum, reaching out it dug its spikes into the ceiling. Swinging its rear legs Medusa flipped away from the Indra, it landed heavily some ways away.

Turning to face the Indra, Medusa saw that both Wall and Kid were laid out and moving weakly. Jets of black slime spewed from his severed arm and her severed hand.

Medusa chuckled. All Medusa had to do was kill it’s little brothers and sisters then it could go about it’s business… unhindered.

The lights began to flicker; an acrid stench flowed in from the destroyed elevator shaft. A tangible cloud of foul green gas wafted into the gym. The lights went out entirely, red emergency lighting blinked on. Pained mechanical breathing echoed up the shaft, heavy clangs and smashes could be heard. Two sickly pale arms clutched at the edge of the ruined doorway, two more followed. A pale quivering mass of flesh with two beady eyes pasted in its center entered the gym.

The breathing was heavier as it scented Medusa.

It screamed. “Hello shiny!”

The Indra had fled to the far side of the gym, pulling Wall and Kid with them, leaving Medusa alone at the far end of the gym.

The strange creature scuttled toward Medusa on all fours, it had a third pair of arms!?

Medusa ducked as the thing clumsily grabbed at it, flicking its spike at the things side. Medusa was rewarded with a scream of pain. The foul odor of the thing began to make Medusa feel lightheaded. The thing wrapped its two upper arms around Medusa’s neck and began to squeeze, Medusa could feel its vertebrae pop. Twisting its body, Medusa plunged its rear left spike into the thing’s side, burying almost up to the joint.

The thing flailed and gyrated, its flesh making disgusting slopping noises as it gyrated. Medusa began to hack and slash it the mass of quivering flesh that was its opponent. The screeching the thing made nearly deafened Medusa, who simply redoubled its efforts to destroy it. The thing landed several more flailing blows to Medusa, one breaking the tip off of its front left spike and another virtually caving in its underside. For all the damage Medusa was doing the thing didn’t seem to be slowed by any of it.

The icy cascading pain struck Medusa once again, it nearly collapsed the pain was so intense.

It was time to go. Medusa could still carry out its task, death was not an option.

Medusa swiped at the thing’s hand-like feet severing several tendons. The thing stumbled, still screeching. Medusa fled back to the elevator shaft. As the screeching faded into the distance Medusa could hear something new, a quiet cacophony of voices calling it north.

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