Height: 6’8”

Weight: 312 lbs

Famine, along with their siblings: Death, War, and Pestilence were discovered 35 years ago by an expedition from the Alcadon Department of Engineering and Archeology.

Famine is just odd, and is rather feared among the Indra. Mot much is known about Famine as much of their career was kept behind closed doors. Their official designation was ‘Lead Interrogator’ though their talents were mostly utilized for torture.

Famine is a light grey in coloration with their only ornamentation being a handful of jagged spikes along their neck and the top of their head, and a strange opening into their head where conduits can be seen pumping a thick black liquid.

Famine’s weapon is unique among the Indra as they use their own bodily fluids to kill their enemies. Several thin tubes connect their gun to their back where it is pressurized and becomes capable of being launched across long distances. This thick, black, tar-like fluid is an incredibly strong adhesive and Famine usually sprays a healthy dose on their victim’s mouth, preventing them from eating and eventually leading to starvation. Famine’s close combat weapon is a bastard sword about five feet in length; it is rarely ever used as few people ever get close enough.

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