Height: 5’4”

Weight: N/A

Ghost was uncovered 68 years ago, pretty much all contact was lost after the small team that found her went insane.

Ghost is a raging ball of animalistic rage and crushing anxiety. She was graced with a copious amount of Feminine ‘charm’ that only served to increase her anxiety and hatred of being seen. Even when in operation by the US military she was often covered head to toe in heavy clothing, with usually only her head staying uncovered. She is now fond of wearing a large cloak that covers her head to toe, she has never been seen without it.

Ghost is the fastest of all the Indra, which works to the advantage of her around average strength. Ghost’s victims rarely have enough time to brace themselves for her strikes letting her down them in one or two hits. She was mainly utilized in covert operations and stealth type missions until she was removed from active duty after flying off the handle and killing several of her own team.

She is ivory white with highlights of various shades of purple and light blues along her torso, legs, head, and back.

She lives alone on the large island of Brull, shunning any and all human/Indra contact.

She carries no weapons, they would only slow her down.

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