Height: 4’1”

Weight: 125 lbs

Kid was unearthed by an archeological excavation in the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats twenty five years ago and resides in the city of Alcadon, as such she has the most documentation of her activities after discovery.

Kid is an apt name as her behavior is incredibly similar to a child of eight. She was originally intended for deep cover and infiltration missions but she couldn’t be kept still long enough to be properly briefed, she was later roped into basic combat missions like most of the rest of the Indra.

Her physical strength is considerable, especially when taking her size into consideration. Pound for pound she is as strong as War.

Kid is the most sociable of the known Indra unlike the Four Horsemen, who also reside Kid is the most sociable of the known Indra unlike the Four Horsemen, who also reside in the city of Alcadon. She is often seen interacting with humans. Kid maintains a mostly neutral color pallet of grays and white with accents of pink and burgundy especially on the face and head. Her ornamentation is fairly plain with nothing overtly ornate. Kid has many incredibly long, thin, tendrils of chitin sprouting from the top of her head that appear to emulate the look of hair; she usually keeps them in a ponytail or a braided bun. Kid is also the only Indra who wears human clothing; she favors a bright pair of smiley face pajamas.

Kid is the most charitable of all known Indra and often carries several bags of coins to give to those in need, the coins she carries are payments for her services, as she is one of the few who can communicate with humans she is often contracted to do work. Often the work she takes on is hard labor, she has been documented as lifting objects that are over one ton in weight, she has also carried out rescue operations, and mercenary work as protection for VIP’s, she has done busy work such as washing dishes at restaurants and even helped a child clean their room. She is seen as a local celebrity for all the good work she does.

Free Hugs: Kid is no stranger to publicity stunts. The most unusual Kid has done to date is walk around the Schultz building with a sign saying ‘Free Hugs!’ pasted to her chest and back, it is unknown why she did this. The event had to be broken up by the military and police after several thousand people swarmed the square to receive their free hug, Kid made her displeasure known by ‘flipping the bird’ and pantomiming ‘mooning’ at the encroaching military.

Kid’s armament is unusual as she only carries close combat weaponry, she carries a small dagger, a curved sword approximately three feet in length and a broadsword which when including the hilt is around two feet taller than she is. Most people agree that the oversized sword is very comical but Kid has shown on many occasions that she is well versed in its usage.

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