Height: 5’8”

Weight: 287 lbs

Valkyrie was excavated forty seven years ago by a group of scavengers; they knew better than to try and subdue her so they let her go free. Valkyrie has taken up residence deep in the Jungle of Kvasstch and the vast Forest of Khm’I Bakhan, she has been sighted many times by traders taking the Knoss river from the Great Salt Sea. She has been spotted in the southern Knoss wetlands where the Knoss River is nearest to Alcadon.

Valkyrie was among the first Indra to be created, her initial successes encouraged the government to continue production after several devastating setbacks. She is regarded as a maternal figure to almost all other Indra and is noted as having a particularly close connection to the Indra Bolt.

Valkyrie is thoughtful and level-headed, giving her an edge over more aggressive adversaries. With a deadly combination of incredible speed and mountainous strength she can easily hold her own against numerous powerful enemies.

Valkyrie is lean in build and deep purple in coloration, almost black, with silver highlights near her joint areas. She gives off shadowy ephemera which keeps her slightly out of focus to the naked eye, though photographs have captured her clearly.

She carries a series of blades, consisting mainly of various sizes of battleaxe, and she carries an eight foot poleaxe for crowd control.

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