Weight: 523 lbs

Wall was uncovered deep in the Salt Flats fourteen years ago by veteran archeologist Herman Shtumpf.

 The name Wall is well given. Standing at eight feet two inches, Wall is the tallest and most overtly muscular of all known Indra. Due to his size he was also highly utilized in sabotage and demolition operations alongside War. Wall rarely ever utilizes any weapons, simply using his own strength he is capable of punching through two inch thick steel and is capable of running through solid concrete walls up to eight inches thick.

Wall is very blunt and direct, rarely sugarcoating facts. He does have a tender side usually toward the elderly or enfeebled.

Wall is currently rogue, he roams the sweeping Halgue Flatlands and is seen occasionally on the outskirts of Leb. Wall will assist Lebian hunting parties and will give gifts of meat to the people living there.

Wall’s primary weaponry is a six foot long one handed sword, it is currently missing. Wall simply relies on his own physical strength to overpower his enemies.

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