Height: 6’4”

Weight: 329 lbs

War, along with his siblings: Death, Pestilence, and Famine were discovered 35 years ago by an expedition from the Alcadon Department of Engineering and Archeology.

War is the brawn behind the Four Horsemen; being fairly stocky in build his physical strength is rather legendary. War is very no nonsense, when it comes to personality his is almost nonexistent though it is rumored that he has a sense of humor.

War was often sent behind enemy lines on ‘damage runs’ to sabotage enemy manufacturing and supply lines. It is estimated that when converted to United States currency the total cost of War’s rampages totaled in the trillions. 

War is sandy in coloration with strange amber teardrops ringing the top of his head. His bodily ornamentation, much like his brother Death, is virtually nonexistent.

 War carries a small machine pistol capable of firing up to twenty rounds per second; he prefers close combat with a set of knuckle dusters that send concussive shockwaves through the victim’s body, usually leading to disintegration.

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