Height: 6’ 11”

Weight: 387 lbs

Wulf was uncovered on the outskirts of the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats approximately 200 years ago by a band of scavengers. He roams the same northern territories as his nemesis Scorn.

Wulf was created and subsequently used for ambush type missions and guerilla style warfare. During his time of use he had in excess of seven hundred confirmed kills. His cautious mind is also possessed of a certain amount of instinct making the perfect foil to the harsh and analytical Scorn.

Wulf and Scorn have been feuding for almost as long as the two have been in contact. Wulf, just like the Tcha’Gough Scorn kills en masse, is a hunter, and often runs with the Tcha’Gough on their many hunts. He and Scorn have clashed many times with the outcome usually being a draw.

 Wulf’s skin is a mixture of greens, grays, and browns and since his uncovering has worn a heavy cape of animal hides obscuring his back from view. He is burly in build with rough texturing of stone on his chest, stomach, and legs, perfect for camouflage.

Wulf uses an ornately carved wooden bow as his main ranged weapon and a four foot long cudgel made from a near indestructible resin as his close combat weapon.

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